Trending ✨ #nationalicecreamday

Coming to you live from good ol’ hot & humid Indiana, USA, Happy National Ice Cream Day everyone! 
I have a special treat I’m sharing today in celebration of this holiday, & it is something that I have personally gotten the chance to witness and enjoy myself! My sister & brother-in-law are not cake people in any way, shape or form, so they swapped out the traditional cake-cutting for ice cream-scooping, and had Baskin Robbins cater their dessert! It was the perfect addition to their reception, not just for that particularly scorching-hot, early fall day, but for these two foodies that wanted to make sure every aspect of their wedding day was uniquely them!
For those days where it is just a little too hot to be in a full ballgown and 3-piece suit, for the mint-to-be couples that like a lot of different dessert options, and every little reason in between, consider cooling off with a ice cream bar!
With ice cream, anything is popsicle 

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