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Hello detailers!
You know those days where it’s just so gloomy, rainy, & cold that you don’t want to leave your bed, let alone your house? Definitely having one of those days over here. But something did manage to get me out of the house, dressed in my waterproof-best, & drive half-an-hour there & back with a huge smile on my face! Now what on earth could make someone do that, & on their day-off no less? CAKE, guys. CAKE. Not just any cake, though: a specially-made-for-Chelsea, gluten-free, dairy-free STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ARTWORK that is this amazing cake from none other than Classic Cakes in Carmel, Indiana!



Classic Cakes completely blew my mind & expectations out of the water!!! I mean not only did they completely custom-make this entire cake, but it’s so on trend with the blush & metallic paintbrush strokes! Not to mention that amazing sugar floral centerpiece, I mean JUST LOOK AT THAT DETAIL.


Do yourselves & your sweet tooths a favor & go pay a visit to Classic Cakes for all of your wedding & event needs! Guaranteed to exceed your expectations, not only with your cake, but with the customer service, as well.
P.S. A huge shoutout to my girl Megan for completely suprising me with this stunning sweet treat & taking care of me! You’re the absolute best!!! Did it for the gram, girl ✨
P.P.S. It’s a rich chocolate cake with buttercream frosting that has a light hint of lemon (& when I say light, I mean you can smell it but barely taste it, especially in combination with the chocolate), & it tastes EVEN BETTER than it looks!

Trending ✨ Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

Pantone officially released the 2019 Color of the Year, & I am LIVING for this! I feel like this year is already breathing new life into everyone & everything, & call me an optimist, but I feel like this is good foreshadowing, as well as some great underlying advice for this new year. Take this bold hue as a sign to be bold yourself, & fully LIVE every aspect of your life 100% yourself; so follow through with those resolutions & don’t become another failure-to-make-it-past-January statistic!
Every time that Pantone releases their Color of the Year, I try to find a way to incorporate it somehow into my day-to-day, & that inspired me to put together a little lookbook guide to incorporating this color in your events, because not only does this bright hue breathe life into your color scheme, it pairs well with many other colors, too!
Pantone did a wonderful job at selecting the perfect punch of color to drag us out of our winter blues! So let’s not let Pantone down, & make 2019 the year to embody this color & what it represents! 

Trending ✨ Smoke Bombs

Screenshot 2019-01-12 17.17.22.png
Move aside, sparklers. Your fire-hazardous ways are so last year. 2019’s rising wedding trend is FREAKING SMOKE BOMBS, & I’m so for this. Just the pictures alone are beyond STUNNING! I love the picture above (courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes), where the couple released this perfect plume of turquoise against the stark white background & desert scenery. DREAMY!!!
Photographers & the wedding party alike will have so much fun creating images that you’ll be showing off to everyone for years to come (& also probably blow up on giant canvases & display them all over your house).
What’s awesome about smoke bombs is you can customize them to come out virtually any color, so it fits your theme & decor perfectly! From whimsical group pictures with your wedding party, to a dramatic just-said-I-do first kiss moment, to a send-off your guests can’t wait to participate in, you have an endless amount of options for an unforgettable smoky show you & your guests will never forget! ✨

How-To: Create a Hot Chocolate Bar For Your Event ✨

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A very snowy, good evening to you, my detailers!
Sending lots of warm wishes to everyone as I’m snowed-in during a winter weather advisory, & it got me thinking about designing a festive winter wedding, & what to incorporate in such a bash so that your guests remember & talk about more than just how miserably cold it was outside. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of cozy comfort in the winter, I think about snuggling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Lucky for you, there’s a way to bring those warm & fuzzy feelings to your winter bash, & in the very convenient form of a bar, too! Here’s a little guide on how to make a hot chocolate bar to remember!
  • Set aside a large, rectangular table, preferably near the dessert table &/or in a back corner of your venue, that is easily accessible for guests.
  • Decorum will be dependent on your overarching theme for your event, but some ideas you can incorporate on your hot chocolate bar table include, but are not limited to: string lighting, snowflakes & winter white hues/florals, pine tree garland, frosted pine cones, christmas tree ornaments.
  • Organize your hot chocolate bar with organized trays, mason jars, caddies, & the like! Have cups & napkins ready to grab first, the hot chocolate itself next, & then the mix-ins & lids (& more napkins) at the very end as a base set-up for your table. Have a variety of mix-ins, as well as the classic marshmallows & whipped cream as toppings for your guests to customize their hot chocolate to their warm little heart’s desire!
  • Proper signage is a MUST (see above & below)! Take advantage of your wedding season by incorporating quotes from Christmas songs & themes like so:
  • If you’re wanting a boozy option for your guests, I’ll share this this awesome homemade boozy peppermint hot chocolate I made one Friendsgiving that was SO GOOD, but also super simple! I used almond milk, Theo’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bars (vegan-friendly!), & peppermint liqueur & slow-cooked it in a Crockpot, letting it melt together. I saved the peppermint liqueur as a last addition until the chocolate completely melted with the almond milk, & my goodness it was the perfect hint of peppermint with the rich, dark chocolate flavor.
I’m definitely getting some hot chocolate cravings right now, & lucky for me Godiva makes this delicious Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate mix that’s Chelsea-friendly, so I’m placing an order as we speak! Send warm thoughts my way, detailers! ✨
P.S. Shoutout to Little Spice Jar for writing this article (& providing some beautiful pictures!) including some great recipes & tidbits on making sure your hot chocolate bar is a total hit!

Glossary Post & Career Update ✨

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Happy New Year, detailers!
We are nearing the end of engagement season (debatably either NYE or Valentine’s Day), & officially starting off my busy season, aka Bridal Christmas! This is the time of year when every bride is out shopping, & by shopping I mean connecting with vendors & finalizing those details for their big days!
I had an awesome event I hosted & planned for the Wedding Registry department at Macy’s (for months!) called a Sip & Scan, where we invite newly-engaged & married couples alike to create &/or complete their gift registries! Panera Bread provided sweet treats & bubbly beverages (non-alcoholic, of course! this still is a work event!), vendor representatives from KitchenAid, TravelPro, Tiffany & Co. & Gucci fragrances, Lenox & Kate Spade New York provided their expert advice & guided couples on the products they recommend based on their unique livestyles, while DJ DeeWett spun a mix of classic oldies & actual top hits, not early-2000’s top hits. This is the first time my department has put on this event in over 2 years, since there wasn’t anyone to actually put on & organize the event, so if you can imagine how nervous I was for this to go off without a hitch, then you’d understand my private minor meltdown 3 hours before the start of the event where I freaked out that no one would show. To my absolutely pleasant surprise, we had such an amazing turnout (so much more than I expected, I ended up having to run to the back towards the tailend of the night to make up more gift bags!) & upped registry value by over $60K! My bosses were elated at the news of the success of the event, & I feel like I’m so well on my way up in this industry! I also have a networking event coming up this Wednesday for the bridal industry, & I’m attending with an awesome mutual friend of mine & my hub’s whom we haven’t seen in a while, Laura! Business cards are already ordered & I’m so ready to get my name out there more! This is only the beginning, & I’m so excited for it ✨
I want to stick with the wedding registry theme for this next glossary term, & hopefully you guys end up learning something new!
Bone China | bone chi·na (n) ✨ a fine white &/or translucent, vitrified piece of dinnerware, usually consisting of 18% animal ash (hence the term “bone”) – Now keep in mind this isn’t your grandmother’s bone china she kept in that cabinet you’re allowed to touch, anymore. Bone china has upped its game & brought itself into the 21st century; that’s right, I’m talking dishwasher & microwave (so long as there are no metallic designs) safe! Bone china also happens to be the most durable dinnerware on the market, with some brands even boasting of their dinner plates surviving 6-foot drops!
I hope you all have a great rest of your morning, day, or evening; I myself am off to do a little late-night yoga sesh before the hubs gets home! I hope everyone had a wonderful, love-filled holiday season & great start to 2019, full of hope & promising resolutions! My New Years resolutions are very simple: I’m not making any rules for myself to follow, I just want to be the best-possible version of myself every day, take better care of my mind, body, & spirit, not care what others think, & continue to be the best wifey to my hubs & dog-mom to my little Bingley!
Chelsea ✨

Career Update & Wedding Venue Pro Tips ✨

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Good morning, afternoon, & evening detailers!
I’m just getting settled in at home after a very productive day, & thought to update you all on what’s going on!
It’s the holiday season, so life at Macy’s is at it’s most hectic. I’ve been there for about half a year now, running the show on all things Wedding & Gift Registry for the entire state of Indiana, & I’m absolutely loving my job. For the most part, my direct overseer has little to no contact, so I don’t have someone over my head every day telling me what to do; I very much get to be my own boss, & the discount isn’t half bad either! We have a huge event coming up for my department called a Sip & Scan, which is an in-store event inviting all newly-engaged & married couples alike to create, update & manage their wedding & gift registries, all the while enjoying food, music, entertainment, & even some prize giveaways for some lucky couples! My social media for WGR is #1 in the company, & we have gotten the attention of two huge bridal conventions in the area! To sum it all up, my coworkers are great (for the most part), & my manager is very supportive & always has my back. Macy’s does a really great job of taking care of me, & for that I’m very appreciative.
I also booked a wedding client a little over week ago, & we went & saw our first potential venue today- very exciting things!!! Although I will say the venue we went & saw was a lot more disappointing than either myself or my bride were anticipating. We both walked into this grand, covered entrance into the lobby that is adorned with ornate, Christmas decor. We met with my contact who proceeded to give us a tour of the entire venue, dazzling us with the stunning, 360-degree views of rolling green hills lightly dusted with snow, a gazebo overlooking a pond with two swans floating in the center, & large ballrooms with windows for walls, feasted on what Mother Nature was displaying for all to admire. All very picturesque as my bride & I envision the idea of her big day taking place here. The views, unfortunately, did not make up for all of the hidden fees that just kept getting tacked on, ultimately making the decision for us that this venue was a no-go. My job allows me to know exactly what questions to ask venue contacts, but I want you, my followers & everyone out there that’s planning an event to be educated & not get swindled into paying more than what you should be & were expecting to. Obviously you should know if they have your ideal date available, but there are some tough questions your venue doesn’t want you asking so that you’re a little less knowledgable when you’re signing contracts. Here are a few questions you can ask your potential venues-to-be so you know what you’re getting into before you put ink to paper:
  1. Do you allow outside vendors such as caterers, bakers, designers, etc.? Asking this question gets down to the bottom line of what kind of restrictions the venue has on what you can bring to the table, literally. Sometimes the venue will allow you to surpass using their in-house catering, but follow-up with asking if there are any fees tied to using outside vendors (i.e. corkage fee for outside alcohol, cake-cutting fee for using an outside baker, etc.).
  2. Are there any noise restrictions on your venue/do you have a sound variance/curfew in effect? Some venues have restrictions on the time frame that loud music can be played, which may put a damper on how long you & your guests can keep the party going for. With sound variances or noise curfews in effect, dancing the night away immediately gets thrown out the window; so if you have your heart set on a late-night shindig, it’s best to keep searching.
  3. What is included in the cost? This question does two things: lists everything that is covered in the overarching cost (usually includes: in-house catering per person, tables & chairs, linens, etc.), & it inadvertently lists everything that’s not included. You can follow-up with asking point-blank if specific things you care about incorporating are included in the cost as well, or ask your point-of-contact what is excluded.
  4. Do you have any restrictions on decor? There is always someone out there that ruins it for everyone. Because of poorly-placed candles or some overeager bride that went a little trigger-happy with the confetti guns, a few venues nowadays can have strict limitations in place as to what your wedding decor can & cannot contain. The venue we looked at today, for example, allowed candles but they must be placed in a glass container at least an inch below the opening, & definitely no confetti, glitter, or silly string is allowed.
  5. What is the backup plan for inclement weather, should it arise? Having an outdoor wedding a la open air makes for great photo ops, but I think I can speak on behalf of all wedding & event planners out there when I say that Murphy’s Law is real, & if you don’t want it to rain/snow/sleet/hail/blow a windstorm on your big day but you still want to risk an outdoor event without the proper measurements taken, anything that can go wrong, will come pouring down on you on that day. It’s best to be prepared & figure out what your venue’s backup plan, & find out if that includes an additional fee to switch to the indoor space.
If you’re just beginning the search on your ideal location, or still stuck deciding between a few different places, compare apples to apples (what’s included versus excluded, overall cost including rental fees, etc.) in a list, ask those tougher questions that venues are hesitant to answer, & once you’ve made your decision, the rest of the pieces of your event will fall into place more easily. ✨

Pro Tip ✨ Bridal Shower Gifts & Wedding Registry Tips

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Good morning (or afternoon | evening) detailers!
I’m having a slow start to my day, & a very much-needed one at that! So I’m taking my time to enjoy my coffee this morning, & I wanted to share a few #protips for you guys regarding bridal shower gifts & registries! 
My husband’s youngest cousin is finally getting married to her long-time boyfriend, & I got to help her set up her registry through Macy’s- which made it even easier picking out her bridal shower gift, not going to lie! As a wedding registry consultant, I know how daunting a task it can be trying to select the perfect gift, & even more daunting when your idea of the perfect gift isn’t listed on their registry! I have a few tips for shopping off of registries:
  • Before heading into the store, research their registries online & have a plan for what you’d like to get them. I like to use The Knot‘s registry couple search engine, which pulls up every single active registry & which stores to shop at! Also, have a contingency plan for if your plan A doesn’t pan out or isn’t available. 
  • If shopping in-store, have access to their registry on-hand by having the registry list printed out or accesible on your phone. If you’re lucky enough to have to shop for your gift at Macy’s (no bias intended!), partner with your local Wedding Advisor who will be able to guide your shopping experience & help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 
  • If you’re planning on shipping the gift, make sure you have the address where the couple wants gifts shipped to handy, & keep in mind that address may not always be theirs! In my experience, I’ve found a lot of couples prefer to use their parents’ address for shipping wedding gifts, especially when they live in an apartment &/or have moving plans in the near future!
  • Remember, as much as you think they’d love that crystal vase they should have added to their registry, it’s best to stay in the safe zone & buy the couple something they actually want. That’s the whole point of having a registry, anyways- it’s a surefire guarantee you’re going to get EXACTLY what you want. As tempting as it is to stray, be a good & gracious guest & stick to the registry!
That being said, I know that buying housewares isn’t the most glamorous of gifts to purchase, but you can still totally get creative, even with ladles & oven mitts! I put together what I deem to be an adorable & creative bridal shower gift, all purchased off their registry, & I spend less than $50 total! (thank you, discounts!)
I honestly had the so much fun putting this together for Cort-lyn & Cameron (Cameron was especially excited about the wok!) Off their registry, I purchased a 7 1/2-quart wok by Tools of the Trade, a set of 3 kitchen towels (which are on clearance right now!) & a garlic mincer by Martha Stewart, a 3-in-1 avocado slicer by Oxo, & a juicer & zester by Goodful (side note: I absolutely LOVE this brand! Their social media game is phenomenal, & they’re all about healthy & mindful living! I’m super thrilled they started releasing a line of cool & useful products that endorse healthy, happy living). I [very carefully] arranged all of the aforementioned in the wok, & then found this awesome recipe for Southwestern Fiesta Chicken, which incorporated the use out of everything, including the wok! Plus, sparkly green bows for added flair. Again, I was super proud of this. 
I presented the gift as such, & Cort-lyn & Cameron loved it! Her bridal shower was the perfect gathering of all of the women that came to love & celebrate the blushing bride. 
Her mother & sisters hosted the gathering at her mom’s new house, which was beautifully adorned with silver & white winter decor. There was hot cider, strong coffee from the family’s local favorite coffee shop (that the bride herself was once a barista at!), & a yogurt bar with all of the mix-ins you can imagine! 


A big congratulations to Cort-lyn & Cameron. They are such a beautiful couple, inside & out, & I’m so blessed to call them family. Wishing you both so many years of happiness, health, & lots of pizza dates with us at Noble Roman’s! 
Chelsea ✨