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Hello detailers!
You know those days where it’s just so gloomy, rainy, & cold that you don’t want to leave your bed, let alone your house? Definitely having one of those days over here. But something did manage to get me out of the house, dressed in my waterproof-best, & drive half-an-hour there & back with a huge smile on my face! Now what on earth could make someone do that, & on their day-off no less? CAKE, guys. CAKE. Not just any cake, though: a specially-made-for-Chelsea, gluten-free, dairy-free STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ARTWORK that is this amazing cake from none other than Classic Cakes in Carmel, Indiana!



Classic Cakes completely blew my mind & expectations out of the water!!! I mean not only did they completely custom-make this entire cake, but it’s so on trend with the blush & metallic paintbrush strokes! Not to mention that amazing sugar floral centerpiece, I mean JUST LOOK AT THAT DETAIL.


Do yourselves & your sweet tooths a favor & go pay a visit to Classic Cakes for all of your wedding & event needs! Guaranteed to exceed your expectations, not only with your cake, but with the customer service, as well.
P.S. A huge shoutout to my girl Megan for completely suprising me with this stunning sweet treat & taking care of me! You’re the absolute best!!! Did it for the gram, girl ✨
P.P.S. It’s a rich chocolate cake with buttercream frosting that has a light hint of lemon (& when I say light, I mean you can smell it but barely taste it, especially in combination with the chocolate), & it tastes EVEN BETTER than it looks!

Wedding Cake Combinations ✨

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One of the sweetest parts of the whole planning process is getting to sample wedding cakes for your big event! I’ve put together a table of different cake | filling | frosting | fondant combinations for the traditional and the daring alike! 


Take advantage and enjoy the indulging