How-To: Create a Hot Chocolate Bar For Your Event ✨

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A very snowy, good evening to you, my detailers!
Sending lots of warm wishes to everyone as I’m snowed-in during a winter weather advisory, & it got me thinking about designing a festive winter wedding, & what to incorporate in such a bash so that your guests remember & talk about more than just how miserably cold it was outside. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of cozy comfort in the winter, I think about snuggling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Lucky for you, there’s a way to bring those warm & fuzzy feelings to your winter bash, & in the very convenient form of a bar, too! Here’s a little guide on how to make a hot chocolate bar to remember!
  • Set aside a large, rectangular table, preferably near the dessert table &/or in a back corner of your venue, that is easily accessible for guests.
  • Decorum will be dependent on your overarching theme for your event, but some ideas you can incorporate on your hot chocolate bar table include, but are not limited to: string lighting, snowflakes & winter white hues/florals, pine tree garland, frosted pine cones, christmas tree ornaments.
  • Organize your hot chocolate bar with organized trays, mason jars, caddies, & the like! Have cups & napkins ready to grab first, the hot chocolate itself next, & then the mix-ins & lids (& more napkins) at the very end as a base set-up for your table. Have a variety of mix-ins, as well as the classic marshmallows & whipped cream as toppings for your guests to customize their hot chocolate to their warm little heart’s desire!
  • Proper signage is a MUST (see above & below)! Take advantage of your wedding season by incorporating quotes from Christmas songs & themes like so:
  • If you’re wanting a boozy option for your guests, I’ll share this this awesome homemade boozy peppermint hot chocolate I made one Friendsgiving that was SO GOOD, but also super simple! I used almond milk, Theo’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bars (vegan-friendly!), & peppermint liqueur & slow-cooked it in a Crockpot, letting it melt together. I saved the peppermint liqueur as a last addition until the chocolate completely melted with the almond milk, & my goodness it was the perfect hint of peppermint with the rich, dark chocolate flavor.
I’m definitely getting some hot chocolate cravings right now, & lucky for me Godiva makes this delicious Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate mix that’s Chelsea-friendly, so I’m placing an order as we speak! Send warm thoughts my way, detailers! ✨
P.S. Shoutout to Little Spice Jar for writing this article (& providing some beautiful pictures!) including some great recipes & tidbits on making sure your hot chocolate bar is a total hit!

How-To: Say Yes To Your Dress, A Wedding Dress Fit Guide ✨

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It’s time for arguably the most important shopping trip of your life, and in order to make the dreaded fitting room as stress-free as possible, I’m here to educate you all on understanding the shapes and styles of wedding dresses and how to shop for your body type!
P.S. Keep in mind, your size in your wedding dress is going to differ greatly from your everyday-clothing sizes. Depending on the designer, most wedding gowns will be anywhere from 2-4 sizes larger than your normal. A good rule of thumb is to go off of your largest measurement, size up from there, and tailor to fit the rest of your body.


Hourglass: Bust & hips are proportional and near-equal in measurements with waist definition
Round | Apple | Full-Figured: Full bust & hips with little-to-no waist definition/waist measurements near-equal to bust and hip measurements
Tall & Thin | Straight | Athletic: Straight, up-and-down proportions with little-to-no waist definition
Triangular | Pear-Shaped: Broader hip measurements than shoulders
Inverted Triangular: Shoulder measurements broader than hips


I wish all of my blushing brides-to-be the best of luck on their wedding dress shopping endeavors