Career Update & Wedding Venue Pro Tips ✨

About Me, Pro Tips
Good morning, afternoon, & evening detailers!
I’m just getting settled in at home after a very productive day, & thought to update you all on what’s going on!
It’s the holiday season, so life at Macy’s is at it’s most hectic. I’ve been there for about half a year now, running the show on all things Wedding & Gift Registry for the entire state of Indiana, & I’m absolutely loving my job. For the most part, my direct overseer has little to no contact, so I don’t have someone over my head every day telling me what to do; I very much get to be my own boss, & the discount isn’t half bad either! We have a huge event coming up for my department called a Sip & Scan, which is an in-store event inviting all newly-engaged & married couples alike to create, update & manage their wedding & gift registries, all the while enjoying food, music, entertainment, & even some prize giveaways for some lucky couples! My social media for WGR is #1 in the company, & we have gotten the attention of two huge bridal conventions in the area! To sum it all up, my coworkers are great (for the most part), & my manager is very supportive & always has my back. Macy’s does a really great job of taking care of me, & for that I’m very appreciative.
I also booked a wedding client a little over week ago, & we went & saw our first potential venue today- very exciting things!!! Although I will say the venue we went & saw was a lot more disappointing than either myself or my bride were anticipating. We both walked into this grand, covered entrance into the lobby that is adorned with ornate, Christmas decor. We met with my contact who proceeded to give us a tour of the entire venue, dazzling us with the stunning, 360-degree views of rolling green hills lightly dusted with snow, a gazebo overlooking a pond with two swans floating in the center, & large ballrooms with windows for walls, feasted on what Mother Nature was displaying for all to admire. All very picturesque as my bride & I envision the idea of her big day taking place here. The views, unfortunately, did not make up for all of the hidden fees that just kept getting tacked on, ultimately making the decision for us that this venue was a no-go. My job allows me to know exactly what questions to ask venue contacts, but I want you, my followers & everyone out there that’s planning an event to be educated & not get swindled into paying more than what you should be & were expecting to. Obviously you should know if they have your ideal date available, but there are some tough questions your venue doesn’t want you asking so that you’re a little less knowledgable when you’re signing contracts. Here are a few questions you can ask your potential venues-to-be so you know what you’re getting into before you put ink to paper:
  1. Do you allow outside vendors such as caterers, bakers, designers, etc.? Asking this question gets down to the bottom line of what kind of restrictions the venue has on what you can bring to the table, literally. Sometimes the venue will allow you to surpass using their in-house catering, but follow-up with asking if there are any fees tied to using outside vendors (i.e. corkage fee for outside alcohol, cake-cutting fee for using an outside baker, etc.).
  2. Are there any noise restrictions on your venue/do you have a sound variance/curfew in effect? Some venues have restrictions on the time frame that loud music can be played, which may put a damper on how long you & your guests can keep the party going for. With sound variances or noise curfews in effect, dancing the night away immediately gets thrown out the window; so if you have your heart set on a late-night shindig, it’s best to keep searching.
  3. What is included in the cost? This question does two things: lists everything that is covered in the overarching cost (usually includes: in-house catering per person, tables & chairs, linens, etc.), & it inadvertently lists everything that’s not included. You can follow-up with asking point-blank if specific things you care about incorporating are included in the cost as well, or ask your point-of-contact what is excluded.
  4. Do you have any restrictions on decor? There is always someone out there that ruins it for everyone. Because of poorly-placed candles or some overeager bride that went a little trigger-happy with the confetti guns, a few venues nowadays can have strict limitations in place as to what your wedding decor can & cannot contain. The venue we looked at today, for example, allowed candles but they must be placed in a glass container at least an inch below the opening, & definitely no confetti, glitter, or silly string is allowed.
  5. What is the backup plan for inclement weather, should it arise? Having an outdoor wedding a la open air makes for great photo ops, but I think I can speak on behalf of all wedding & event planners out there when I say that Murphy’s Law is real, & if you don’t want it to rain/snow/sleet/hail/blow a windstorm on your big day but you still want to risk an outdoor event without the proper measurements taken, anything that can go wrong, will come pouring down on you on that day. It’s best to be prepared & figure out what your venue’s backup plan, & find out if that includes an additional fee to switch to the indoor space.
If you’re just beginning the search on your ideal location, or still stuck deciding between a few different places, compare apples to apples (what’s included versus excluded, overall cost including rental fees, etc.) in a list, ask those tougher questions that venues are hesitant to answer, & once you’ve made your decision, the rest of the pieces of your event will fall into place more easily. ✨

Q & A Submission ✨

Q: It seems to me that the wedding industry is simply focused on just that: the wedding itself, and not the marriage. I guess this doesn’t really count as a question, but I wanted to kinda get your opinion on the focus being taken away from the whole reason behind the wedding – the marriage – and is centered on the glitz and glamour. 
A: I love that you posed this submission for me, because I actually just had this exact conversation with a loved one the other day, and I’d love to share with you what I wrote to her!
I want to start off by saying that my blog is centered 100% on wedding & special event planning, and tips & information from an experienced, insider perspective that could potentially help make any aspect of the planning process easier. That being said, a lot of my blog is centralized on ornate, unique, and sometimes over-the-top ideas & inspiration simply because that’s what today’s engaged couples want their wedding days to be: a display of their love & union as unique as the couple themselves. 
I have a very unique vantage point in which I’ve been fortunate enough to work in & experience almost every aspect of the wedding industry in its entirety, and with that I have seen & interacted with so many great couples. I’ve also been very fortunate to have had few – if any – bad interactions that were memorable enough to be worth mentioning. The many, many good interactions I did have & remember, I witnessed couples very much in love, & excited to be married- not to have a wedding, but to be married. And all of them I can 100% certify vocalized that at some point in time during the course of my interactions with them. 
The thing about having these lavish, at times expensive weddings, is that couples today are treating weddings like a huge celebration of that aforementioned excitement, and they also want to celebrate themselves as a unique couple that isn’t like the rest. Hence why feeling the need to add all of these different elements to set them apart. In my experience, a lot of what gets incorporated into a wedding and/or reception 99 times out of 100 the couple will tie it back to a significant memory or something they bond over. 
You’re not wrong in thinking that a lot of the traditional meanings and reasons for the big white wedding get lost in the sparkle & shine of it all, especially now with the divorce statistics being what they are. With that being said, there are still a great deal many of people that enter into these marriages fully aware of the work & responsibility it takes for them to be successful. All in all, you cannot judge all by the decisions of the few, and not all marriages that take more pride in the overall hooplah behind planning their wedding days are doomed to fail.  
I’ve been very blessed to have had the experiences that have given me the insight & perspective that I have, because it only makes me love the work that I do more. I believe I can speak for all of us employeed under the wedding industry when I say that we are all here to celebrate love ✨

Q & A Submission ✨

Q: I’m having a hard time juggling my family in between planning and everything else I’ve got going on. They’re making it as if they are living through me for this wedding and like its their big day, not mine!! Any help with my overbearing family?? Thank you so much! I love your blog!!!
A: Hello lovely! Thanks for the blog love ✨ 
I come from a very, very large, in-you-business-all-the-time kind of family, and your case is all too familiar, not just to me but especially amongst brides that are trying to organize their wedding plans while combatting the opinions of their loved ones. It’s an inevitable part of the process, but ultimately, it’s about picking your battles, and deciphering what is important to you that you feel the need to stick to your guns to, and what may not be important to you but is important to your friends and loved ones.
The tricky part about fighting off opinions is that this is very per-situational based, and a lot comes down to who is paying what part of the budget. If you are the one paying for the whole shindig, and you come to find there are additions or opinions your relatives feel strongly on that aren’t going to cost you extra time, money, or your sanity, I’d say throw them a bone and let them have a win! The thing to keep in mind here is that you’re including your loved ones to be a part of this momentous new chapter you’re embarking on in life, and you want them to feel included and like they had a part in it. If you aren’t the one covering the bill, or you have relatives helping to pay for portions of your event, get down to the nitty gritty of what they’re expecting to see and happen, and compare it to how you feel about whatever the situation may be, and see if you can come to a compromise or a solution and move on. A big piece of advice is to not spend so much time in drawn-out arguments when you have so, so many other little details to worry about. Give yourself the deadline to try to figure out solutions to obstacles (family members included!) within a week of it arising. 
Communication is absolute key here, though, when it comes to differences in opinions; ultimately, it’s YOUR day, and they at some point have already had theirs. Remind them of this notion sternly, and it usually gives them the clue that they need to back off. This is a card that I hope you don’t have to use too often, but when used I’ve seen it be pretty effective! When you’re explaining your side of the argument, include why it’s important to you to have this happen your way, and if possible, offer an alternative that you are willing to compromise to appease them. 
I hope all of this helps you to play defense, and if you need anything else that is more situation-specific, as always, feel free to reach out any time! 

Q & A Submission

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
A: This may be cheating, but I go back and forth between two superpowers whenever I get asked this question. The first one is the power of teleportation, being able to jettison myself to Hawaii and be back before dinnertime is a long-time fantasy of mine. The second superpower I can’t take full credit for, but I heard someone say it once and it has stuck with me ever since, and that is the power to refill anything. Now stay with me on this one. Imagine having an empty stomach, but unable to figure out what you want?


Now taking it one step further…empty bank account? Fill that sucker right up! Bullies got you down? I’m thinking their bladders need some refilling! Alright, alright, I kid… a little! But there you have it