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Pro Tip ✨ Things To Save From Your Wedding Day: A #protipseries

Pro Tips
My sister and brother-in-law just celebrated 4 years of marriage, and in celebration of their anniversary I’m kicking off a new #protipseries inspired by a piece of advice that I gave her waaaaaaaaay too little, too late – sorry again, Natalie!
On the day of their wedding, during the outdoor ceremony on the beautiful island paradise of St. Thomas, it poured down on us with such volume and force that only those of us standing next to the dripping wet-but-happy couple could hear their vows being exchanged. I only later (I’m talking like a year later, guys. Again, sorry Natalie!) thought what a cool idea it would be to save the raindrops from your wedding day and preserve them in some way. You can imagine how mad she was at me! 
So in a way, this post is not only a #protip but a word of advice so you may avoid the blunder I made! Preserve those raindrops if it rains on your wedding days, guys! Grab any cup or container you have nearby, have your MOH and/or groomsman guard that with their lives, and later preserve them in a way that allows you to see them, like snowglobes or holiday ornaments! Monogram or engrave your wedding date for a special sentimental touch.


Celebrate your good luck in having rain on your wedding day with a precious keepsake you can treasure your entire marriage. & Happy Anniversary, Jake & Natalie!
Love, Chelsea 

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@pompandbloom‘s floral arrangements never cease to amaze me! These elevated centerpieces are perfect so as not to obscure conversations with guests across your table, and add a touch of elegance with a whimsical, modern twist ✨ I always support my local community, and if your based in Indiana, be sure to give them a shout for your next event!
Best, Chelsea