Trending ✨ Smoke Bombs

Screenshot 2019-01-12 17.17.22.png
Move aside, sparklers. Your fire-hazardous ways are so last year. 2019’s rising wedding trend is FREAKING SMOKE BOMBS, & I’m so for this. Just the pictures alone are beyond STUNNING! I love the picture above (courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes), where the couple released this perfect plume of turquoise against the stark white background & desert scenery. DREAMY!!!
Photographers & the wedding party alike will have so much fun creating images that you’ll be showing off to everyone for years to come (& also probably blow up on giant canvases & display them all over your house).
What’s awesome about smoke bombs is you can customize them to come out virtually any color, so it fits your theme & decor perfectly! From whimsical group pictures with your wedding party, to a dramatic just-said-I-do first kiss moment, to a send-off your guests can’t wait to participate in, you have an endless amount of options for an unforgettable smoky show you & your guests will never forget! ✨